Player Characters

Jake’s Characters
Cedric Branwood (Human Wizard)
Grent (Half-Orc Fighter)
Kor (Human Barbarian)

Nooch’s Characters
Ivois Rashn Vollan (Half-Elf Fighter)
Mognar Stormgranite (Hill Dwarf Cleric)

Paul’s Characters
Arius (Human Paladin)

Chris’ Characters
Kai (Wood Elf Monk)
Kaya (Wood Elf Monk)

Josh’s Characters
Jaron (Elf Ranger)

I figured that we could post info about the various characters we plan to have in the game here as well as creation methods we could use to make them.

Discuss character creation with the group. Bring your character concept to the group and decide how to proceed. The creation method must fit the story and concept of the character. Perhaps your concept is a tremendously gifted hero that things come easily to. Perhaps your character has one special thing about them that thrusts them into an adventure. The point is, bring it to the table and see what fits best.

This method involves rolling dice to determine your ability scores. The most common way to do this is rolling sets of 3d6, 4d6 (drop lowest 1), or 5d6 (drop the lowest 2). Choose whichever method that will reflect how powerful your characters are supposed to be.
Standard Array
According to 5e, the standard array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8 can be used to assign to your ability scores. We could also come up with our own arrays to choose from.
Point Buy
This is fully outlined on page 13 of the Player’s Handbook, but it involves customizing your character according to your own ideas of how your character should be. It keeps everyone on the same page as far as the resources each player has to build their character. Suggested Point Buy tiers are as follows…
Average Joe Point Buy (20-25)
Middle Tier Point Buy (26-32)
Heroic Point Buy (33+)

Player Characters

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