Gold (Fire) (Mountains near Havenport)
Silver (Frost) (Winter Run)
Bronze (Lightning) Tazen (Underwater)
Copper (Acid) (Gnomes/Phenthara)
Brass (Fire) (North mountains by Faelor/Dwarves)

Red (Fire) (Dwarven/Mountain Lair in Cindors)
Green (Poison) (Forest Riverlands)
Blue (Lightning) (Rock/Coast – by Whitestone/Ancora)
White (Frost – Whitestone)
Black (Acid) (Lizardfolk/Wastes)

-The oldest chromatic and metallic dragons are ancient while the others are adults
-When a dragon dies, the person replacing them feels inexplicably drawn to their location and the other dragons are drawn to Dragon’s Gate to meet their new brother/sister. It is a sacred time and tradition that is honored. Dragon apprentices sometimes can feel the pull to go to Dragon’s Gate as well
-After the death of an ancient dragon, an adult gains power to replace him/her. Usually it is the next oldest dragon, but for some reason that is not always known, a different dragon is chosen. This can lead to discord among the dragons, but has never lead to violence.
-Dragons have territorial restrictions on jurisdiction which allow for them to coexist in an orderly fashion
-All dragons have the ability to change their shape into humanoid and walk among their people


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