Cities, Locations, Nations, and Names

These names and ideas are all raw. Some of them even contradict other things in this wiki page and other things on the site. This is simply a place to put new names and ideas for all to see.

City/Location Names…
-Ancora (Markus is King and is a continuation of our campaign, the light of the north)
-Ivlar (High Elf, perhaps reclusive but celebrates the arcane arts and has an academy)
-Ciridor (a cosmopolitan city)
-Kyrith Aledon (
-Düngor (Dwarven city at the face of a mountain – it is half inside and half outside)
-Dragon’s Gate (Dragonfall Keep – the meeting place of dragons)
-Havenwood (a place of safety in the midst of danger)
-The Bythilian Islands (a tropical vacation locale filled with adventure and excitement… “What happens in the Islands, stays in the Islands”)
-Crangor’s Mountain (Dwarven legends say that the birthplace of Crangor is here)
-The Reach (a peninsula that resembles the reach of an arm)
-The Summit
-The Untamed Lands (Barbarian lands dominated by the Dragonborn tribes)
-Haven Port (a gateway across the ocean)
-Undaeruhn (Wood Elf lands/city)
-Bryton Abbey
-The Wastes (swampy region of Lizardfolk)
-The Deadlands (an unholy and uncivilized region where necromancy and pact magic flourish)
-Jüngor’s Pass (a mountain road that leads to Düngor)
-The Cindors
-The Briars
-Dragon Mountain (where Dragon’s Gate is)

-The Dwarven brothers of Jüngor and Düngor
-Nurien (why is the pass named after him?)

-The Golden Rose – prominent and powerful merchant guild. They have many guild halls throughout the land but their official headquarters is Haven Port. Their emblem is a Golden rosebud on a dark blue field.
-The Iron Gauntlets – the largest and most powerful adventuring guild. Highly selective, new initiates must go through a grueling series of tasks to become members. Members of the Iron Gauntlets have been known to become lesser lords and nobles due to their power and wealth, but most choose to remain within the guild until death. Their emblem is a grey armored fist on a field of sage.
-(We need a cult – and the cult leader could start out as a friend of the party)
-The Knights of Justice – more commonly known as “The Order”, they are an elite task force of warrior highly trained at wielding a sword and commanding the ebb and flow of battle. Natural leaders and skilled combatants with an unparalleled knowledge of fighting styles, they are fearsome opponents who rarely unleash their full potential and aim to incapacitate their foes. Their primary task is to track down and capture unauthorized magic users throughout the land. The color of their clothing signifies their rank within the order with the most powerful and elite being S class witch hunters and wearing only white.
-(Assassin Guild)
-(Arcane Academy)
-The Silver Shield
-Order of the Veil – the official name for the thieves guild. Little is known of their whereabouts and the Order’s headquarters but their impact is felt throughout the land. It is rumored that they have a presence in every single town and that they are controlled by the Golden Rose.
-Knights of the Mountain
-The Fire of the Mountain
-The Church
-The Stormwood Dominion

Cities, Locations, Nations, and Names

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