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Prayer of the Maker

The Maker (Hubrin)…
Hubrin is the one being that created the world. He is almost always referred to as ‘The Maker’. He is depicted as a distant figure that has set the world and its laws (physical, spiritual, and magical) in motion. He also is said to have created the lesser gods to handle things. They are said to each represent a different aspect of him.

He created humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes. Each race has their own version of how the Maker formed them. They also have slight variants on how the lesser gods are depicted, typically making them look more like their own race.

Lesser Gods

Knowledge (Astren – Chaotic Neutral)
-Revered by scholars everywhere.
-The pursuit of knowledge is paramount in all things. What people do with knowledge is up to them. Astren believes that true knowledge begins with oneself.
-Often depicted as an older man with white hair holding a book in one hand and scroll in the other.

Life (Aequor – Neutral Good)
-Water based
-Aequor is believed to be in union with Arbreena and works with her to protect the realm and the animals therein. Druids have a great respect for Aequor, but consider him to be secondary to Arbreena.
-Often depicted with the top of a man coming out of the water.

Light (Luminia & Gya – Lawful Good)
The twins of light represent two aspects of the best virtues of The Maker.

Luminia does not rejoice in violence but believes strongly in using her light to drive out darkness wherever it shows up. She is often depicted as an elf clad in royal silver robes. It is said that her beauty if that of radiant fire.

Gya represents peace and mercy and abhors violence in all but the most dire of circumstances and even then only by someone with motives that come from a pure heart. It grieves her even when it is sanctioned. She is often represented as an elf clad in royal blue robes, and surrounded by starlight. She has white hair, and her beauty is said to shine like the light of the moon.

Nature (Arbreena – True Neutral)
-Earth based
-At times referred to as “The Great Mother”, Arbreena is the prominent deity for druids. Many wonder if she is Aequor’s mother.
-Often depicted as a human woman clothed in leaves with a crown of twigs.

Tempest (Saevio – Chaotic Good)
-Air based
-Saevio is turbulent and vengeful. He is said to bring storms to those that deserve them.
-Often depicted as a tall, strong man with bolts of lightning at his command.

War (Praelior – Lawful Neutral)
-Conflict, strength, contest, victory
-Praelior believes in order and strength. Rank and file are what his followers revere. It is through battle that one can be truly known.
-Often depicted as a muscular man clad in armor.

Fallen Gods

Trickery (Malum – Lawful Evil)
-Mischief, puzzles, deals, riddles
-Always looking for an angle of some kind.
-Often depicted as an impish looking gnome with a child-like innocence. It is that innocence that often will lead some to trust him even when they know better.

Odium (Neutral Evil)
-Odium embodies a desire for power, money, and the instant gratification that comes with the lusts of the flesh.
-He desperately wants to corrupt Luminia and Gya. Many cannot tell if he is in love with them or simply wants victory by corrupting their virtues.
-Often depicted as an attractive man in dashing clothes.

Pravus (Chaotic Evil)
-Evil for the sake of evil
-Pravus is the younger brother of Hubrin and is believed to have plans to kill Hubrin and corrupt his creation. He wants nothing more than to overtake his place as ruler of the multiverse and will stop at nothing to accomplish that task.
-Often depicted as a tiefling dressed in dark robes while holding a staff with a ram’s head on it.

The Church
Even though each lesser god is more or less honored in some fashion in society, the people worship Hubrin (The Maker). The church is structured around him. There are different church setups across the land, but the predominant religious structure is similar to what the Catholic Church is to us. It’s a massive organization that has spread to every civilized region in the world.

Ranks in the Church

Oracle (like the Pope)
The highest ranking church official is called the Oracle. The Oracle is elected by the Circle of Elders.

Elder (Eldress) (Like a Cardinal)
Each region is assigned an Elder to oversee church matters. They usually reside in the capital city of the region they are assigned to.

Travarch (Bishop)
Major cities each have a Travarch. They typically have an office in the largest church in the city. Sometimes they have other priests and priestesses to run the day to day operations of the church and other times they are the lone ordained church officer (typically depends on city/church size).

Priest (Priestess)
Most churches have a priest or priestess to run things. In a town or village, they are usually the highest ranking church officer around.

Church and Religion

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