Adventure Log

Saturday, June 16th, 533 A.O. The Iron Gauntlets begin a recruitment session in Havenport. Jaron the Wood Elf Ranger, Kai the Wood Elf Monk, Arius the Human Paladin, Grent the Half-Orc Fighter, and Ivois Rashn Vollan the Half-Elf Fighter began the recruitment process. After personal combat tests, deciphering clues, a brief excursion north, a run in with wood elf scouts, and goblins, the group ventured back to Havenport passing their recruitment challenge.

Sunday, June 17th, 533 A.O. Jaron, Kai, Grent, and Ivois Rashn Vollan met the likes of Oskar of the Meyer clan, Torvald, and Wicket. Most of the day was a blur of drinking, blue sky, goats, and marriage.

Monday, June 18th, 533 A.O. The group uncovered the wedding of Jaron to a barmaid named Kiara at the Sea Drake Tavern. They also discovered that Ivois alledgedly “blessed” their union on their wedding night.

Tuesday, June 19th, 533 A.O. After the shenanigans of the last couple of days, the group was finally initiated in to the Iron Gauntlets. Just after the ceremony, the group noticed some representatives of the Golden Rose the attended their initiation.

Wednesday, June 20th, 533 A.O. The group receives their first mission for the Iron Gauntlets and are sent to the Dwarven city of Ustagard to investigate the stoppage of their shipments of dwarven goods and orthalcum. Upon arriving, they learned that dwarven miners uncovered a seemingly deep mine that was filled with a sweet smelling dust that began affecting any dwarf that came in contact with it. They began to develop sores, lose memory, senses, and even began to transform in to some sort of hideous creatures that would trash about in what would seem like violent ways.

Thursday, June 21st, 533 A.O. After a very early morning attempt to investigate more details regarding what’s happening with the dwarves, the group heads out for the mines in an attempt to uncover the truth. After exploring the mines, the group comes across the Micanid King who, during communicating with the group, influences Kai to attack the rest of the group. Kai falls to Grent’s blade as the group is forced to kill their comrade.

Upon returning to Lord Bronstark, the Dwarven Lord was unreceptive to a peaceful solution and spoke of plans to attack the micanids. The group decided to send word to Falken Firebeard of Phenthara when they came upon Zanna the druid in the Office of the Postmaster.

Zanna has felt like the balance of nature is off and seeks an audience with Lord Bronstark. Her words and insight prove to have great influence as he calls off his attack. Zanna offers to serve as a mediator during negotiations between the Dwarves and the Micanids.

Thursday, June 21st, 533 A.O. Zanna leads the party into the Myconid kingdom and calls upon the Miconid King. After a brief conversation with him telepathically, Zanna announces to everyone how he has agreed to meet with Lord Brawnstark and discuss the current events in an effort to reach some form of a solution.

During the peace talks, Frulani Hollowbane’s name is brought up and how he had brought Jungor Brawnstark, Lord Brawnstark’s only heir, to treat with the Myconids. This lead to Grent and Jarren immediately excusing themselves to go and capture Frulani Hollowbane and bring him in for questioning. However, as they begin to approach his shop and home, a think black smoke comes billowing forth out of the chimney and dissipates almost immediately.

When the two enter the shop they find Frulani dead on the ground with a three inch long puncture would into his heart with blackened and charred edges. After studying the wound, Grent ascertains that this would is roughly a month old!

While this is occuring, Zanna is successfully brokering peace between the two kingdoms and facilitating in their co-habitation.

The adventurers return to Phenthara to discuss the troubling case of Frulani Hollowbane, report of the completion of their first mission, as well as receive direction as to their next mission.

Friday, June 22nd, 533 A.O. The adventurers receive word that they are to travel to the city of Honeygaarde in The Marches where they will receive their next mission from Iron Lord Gregory Hill. This region is predominantly flat with a few rolling hills and meadows, lying south of the dessolate Cindors and north of the boggy and vile Wastes, it is a welcome sign of peace and tranquility between two near inhospitable regions.

As they travel to Honeygaarde, they are subject to insults and looks of fear and terror as the people in this region are subject to raids from barbarian hordes in the Cindors comprised of Orcs and Dragonborn. Due to this fact, the people are terrified and angered by Grent’s presence in this area. The verbal attacks only get worse as they enter into Honeygaarde and even result in common folk throwing sticks and stones and even feces at the adventurers. One such pile of horse shit strikes Aries in the face as he tries to calm the crowds and announce Grent as a peaceful and powerful member of the Iron Gauntlets.

The hostility continues as they enter the guild hall as Gregory Hill, the Iron Lord tasked with running and overseeing this particular branch of the Iron Gauntlets, is equally appalled at the presence of Grent and how he came to become a member of the Iron Gauntlets.

He informs the party to the Orcish Raiding Parties that have become more emboldened and attack the villages more frequently, particularly Grent’s home town of Tanetai to the North West. Their mission is to help protect the town and drive out the Orc menace in the area. In addition, he will be sending an apprentice of the name Lars Gullsteen along to observe Grent and report as to if he is a truly loyal member of the Iron Gauntlets or if he is making a mokery of their order.

Sunday, June 24th, 533 A.O. The adventurers and Lars arrive at Tanetai but insist that Grent remain outside of town so as not to frighten or anger any of the towns folk that they may need information or help from. After speaking with guards in town, they find that the Captain of the guard, Captain Rigget, is meeting with Lord Bryan Grainfellow, the noble of this town.

After convincing the guards posted outside the town hall to allow them entrance to the meeting, they enter and slew a litany of insults at the Captain for his incompetence for only arriving to Tanetai the day before they did, despite these attacks happening for around a month. Angered by their audacity and disrespect, he storms out and informs his men that they are to pack up and leave the town.

Ivois dons his noble attire and heads out to try and convince the the guards to stay and help protect the city while Aries studies the maps and the logs of the nature of the recent attacks. Aries is able to decipher the various tactics used and knows them to be advanced militaristic siege tactics for sacking cities. He also divulges the harrowing news that if they truly wanted to capture Tanetai they would have done so already. It is at this moment that Ivois returns with a welt under one eye and a busted lip announcing how he was successful in convincing the guards to stay and help defend the city.

That evening, the adventurers seek out any information they can gain from the commoners by meeting them at the local Inn. Grent remains outside the city limits with Lars as Jarren and Zanna head off to try and track the Orc raiders. Zanna finds their camp and that they are roughly 100 members strong, while Jarren discovers a far more sinister force that covers a distance of two miles in less than a minute. They meet up near Grent to discuss their findings where they discover that Lars knows more than he is letting on and he too is investigating the nature of these attacks for he has some arcane abilities at his disposal as well.

Aries and Ivois are talking with the townsfolk when a young woman walks up with her son and tells them how she knew an orc who had saved her from being raped and possibly murdered. Her name is Jensia and Aries leads her to Grent so that she can finally thank him for what he did for her before he left to join the Iron Gauntlets.

It is a very heartfelt reunion as they try and urge her to take her son and leave the town because it is not safe for them there. Jensia sees Grent as her hero and knows that he will return from attacking the Orc raiders.

The day ends as the adventurers are all gathered in a booth at the Inn and discussing how they will go about attacking the Orc encampment and finding out what has lead to these barbaric humanoids obtaining such advanced military tactics and becoming so organized seemingly overnight.

Monday, June 25th – Sunday, July 1st, 533 A.O. The group begins preparing the city for the looming orc threat. Located on the top of the hill, Tanetai is positioned well for defense… <tbc>

Adventure Log

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