Born: February 22nd, 472 A.O.
Presumed Dead: January 3rd, 500 A.O.
Race: Dragonborn (Silver)

Argin was a trained soldier that refused to follow orders that would have him ignore defending the lives of innocent villagers. He lead a rebellious attempt from his squad to fight off a squadron of orcs attempting to raid and butcher a helpless village. He was the lone survivor of the battle. After returning to his commanding officer, he executed him for his cowardice and dishonor. He then resigned from that army and joined the Bryton Monastery in an attempt to discover his true purpose. It was then and there that he found Saevio and his calling of vengeance.

Argin caught wind of a new prince leading a fight against an army of the dead and he made haste to offer his services. He was granted the rank of Lieutenant and given charge of a small squad of men. As his squad marched to lay siege known allied forces, Argin found himself unaffected by a bewitching that seemed to grasp his men and the rest of his allies.

Seeking answers, Argin made his way to the command tent to confront King Kaigren, but found the Halfling Arteus being punished for protesting the actions of his general. Argin intervened. The Dragonborn lunged into action, striking down the two guards holding Arteus captive. As he turned to face the king, he was gone along with his Archmage advisor.

A grateful Arteus led Argin out of the encampment and to Baerumar where they found safe haven among the High Elves.


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